Provided with Angle Of Arrival detection (AOA) technology, the Blue SLIM ID QUUPPA meets the industrial needs of highly accurate indoor location. This very thin and auto adhesive tag allows to accurately locate in real time persons and assets in industrial environment by integrating itself in Real Time Location System solutions (RTLS).

Indeed, the QUUPPA technology allows for a up to 10 cm precision thanks to its 360° AOA detection antennas.

ELA Innovation designed this smart tag to be very responsive and with a low consumption. A 3-axis accelerometer enables an autonomous switch between 1 location every second in case of a movement to a 10 seconds location in case of static state.

Finally, its NFC chip brings flexibility and comfort in programming thanks to the Device manager software insuring data security.

An innovative technological partnership

The Quuppa company, a spin-off of the Nokia group, developed since 2012 an innovative software add-on providing a highly accurate real time localization service. The Blue SLIM ID Quuppa makes the link between Ela Innovation devices sturdiness and Quuppa high accuracy location up to 10 cm. Thanks to its smart battery management by motion detection, this tag reaches 2 years of battery life. Indeed, it permits to trigger the data broadcasting only when a motion is detected. The Quuppa technology needs an antenna network. Once set up, no maintenance is needed thanks to its over the air management and autonomous update (OTA)

technical features


  • Location accuracy : from 10cm to 1 meter
  • Lifecycle: up to 2 years battery life
  • Transmission range : Up to 300 meters (open field / +4dBm)
  • Operating mode : Periodic data transmission by motion detection
  • Transmission period :
    • Static mode : Up 1 sec to 10 seconds
    • Motion mode : up 0.1sec to 1 second
  • NFC programming built-in
  • Temperature range : -20°C to +55°C
  • Weight : 6g


documentation & configuration software

Downoald here our documentation and configuration software related to this QUUPPA certified tag

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