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Container localization at industrial sites

Active RFID tags for industrial identification offer robustness, long-range, and long battery life for automated on-site traceability and localization. With detection ranges up to 100 meters, these tags offer a high level of operational flexibility at large sites, enabling you to monitor container, vehicle, and product arrivals and departures.

Automatically monitors inbound and outbound movement of containers at logistics sites.

  • Easy tag installation
  • Long range and battery life
  • Multi-site monitoring in real-time
  • Localization by site number
  • Database can be exported for use with client applications

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active rfid tag PUCK ID


rfid antenna SLENDER III


Middleware EADS

The Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) express delivery group equipped all of its logistics sites in France to track and localize transport containers equipped with a PUCK ID active RFID identification tag. All data is centralized in the group’s ERP system for real-time management and time-stamping of arrivals and departures.

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