ELOC MOBILITY is the software application developed by ELA Innovation to count people present at risky industrial sites, such as construction tunnels, in real-time. This software can manage several counting zones.

This web application can be accessed from anywhere, any time, and on any computer with an Internet connection, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Information in ELOC MOBILITY is updated 24/7.

technical features

  • Web application for counting and localizing workers by zone in tunnels
  • Accessible using a web browser on smartphones, tablets, and computers, 24/7
  • Counting application continues to operate even if your Ethernet link with life support systems malfunctions
  • Graphical 2D representation of tunnels
  • Graphical display of the number of tags in 2D zones and lists of separate zones
  • 2D map selection
  • Annual multi-user license (with possibility for extension according to construction duration)
  • Secured by specific project password (offering 3 access levels: user, manager, administrator)
  • Customizable: edit zone names, add your logo and personalized background
  • Supports interface with controller management software for complete site access control (doors, gates, tripod turnstiles)


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