BLE Gateway

Designed around the well-known Raspberry PI 4, this affordable Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway is ideal for linking your beacons and BLE sensors to your information system (IS) thanks to its WIFI and Ethernet connectivity.

With its standard interfaces (MQTT, REST API & GRPC), it multiplies tenfold the efficiency of your industrial IOT network by integrating easily into any network architecture, whether local (ON PREMISE) or on cloud applications (SAAS).

Easy to use and powerful, this industrial gateway will allow you to scan and read in real time and simultaneously a very large quantity of BLE devices. You will be able to retrieve data from your sensors or visualize them in chart form, but also send commands and configure your network.

This BLE Gateway includes the software environment as well as the DIN rail compatible industrial case. You already have a Raspberry PI4B and you only want to buy the software environment?

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Use cases

Temperature monitoring

In the transport and logistics sectors, the traceability of the cold chain is an important issue. The storage and transport of temperature-sensitive products are subject to numerous standards requiring the precise and reliable recording of temperatures. ELA Innovation sensors can be installed in cold rooms and refrigerated trucks, in order to monitor the temperatures throughout the logistic chain. 100% autonomous, robust and compact, these sensors are compatible with food, pharmaceutical and blood products. The bonus: These sensors are also compatible with many telematics tracking devices of the market.


Measurement of the occupancy rate of workstations

Improve and streamline workstation management with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Using wireless and 100% anonymous presence sensors, you can easily manage the allocation of resources. Discover how and why ELA Innovation's presence sensors can be easily integrated into your flex office solution.

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People tracking

The solution for locating people indoors and in real time, must meet many challenges such as: security, performance optimization, resource management and scheduling, automation of certain tasks that were previously manual, while ensuring location by floor. This industrial solution can be deployed with different technologies, each with their own characteristics. To meet different requirements we propose diffrent technologies enabling accuracy from 10 cm to 10 m. However, they all rely on a set of 100% autonomous tags, which can be coupled with access control systems on the market. The bonus: It is possible to create a visual and/or audible alert (LED and buzzer) on the mobile tags the event of danger or evacuation.

  • Raspberry PI4B 8GO
  • WIFI / Ethernet connectivity
  • Range: up to 100m in open field
  • ABS (Plastic) case compatible with DIN rail
  • Power supply +5.1 VDC via USB C (included)
  • Software pre-installed on the gateway

Find all our free software to set up beacons and sensors on the dedicated page.

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