Adapted to harsh industrial environments, combining robustness, compactness and longevity, the LR N’Track beacon is equipped with LoRa technology. Compatible in private and public LoRa network (LoRaWan), this tracker equipped with a GPS, a magnetic sensor and a motion sensor meets many industrial applications for identification and precise location of equipment over several kilometers.








Use cases

Asset tracking

The solution for locating equipment indoors and in real time, meets many challenges such as: security, performance optimization, equipment maintenance, automation of certain tasks that were previously manual, while ensuring localization by floor. This industrial solution can be deployed with different technologies, each with their own characteristics. However, they are all based on a set of 100% autonomous tags with a very long lifespan. For ease of management, each beacon can be renamed via the IoT platform. The bonus: It is possible to create a visual and/or audible alert (LED and buzzer) on the mobile tags in the event of danger or evacuation.


Anti-theft equipment

Say STOP to the theft of your logistics equipment! ELA Innovation ensures the security of logistics platforms thanks to its innovative solution of anti-theft equipment based on Active DOT RFID technology. This solution works with a 100% autonomous PUCK DOT active RFID badge fixed inside the forklift, the device, the pallet or the package, allowing to detect and intercept any unauthorized exit in real time. The antennas installed on the ground trigger a light and/or sound signal at the control station in case of unauthorized exit, thus preventing the opening of the barrier, even if the tag is located in a truck trailer.

  • Autonomy: up to 20 years
  • Compatible with LoRaWAN public network and LoRa private network
  • On-board sensors: GPS, MAG and MOV
  • Periodic transmission of data on the LoRa network at a configurable frequency
  • Easy configuration via NFC
  • PICK TO LIGHT function – Built-in high-brightness LEDs
  • Robust DELRIN housing (POM C) – Food grade
  • Protection class IP68
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

Find all our free software to set up beacons and sensors on the dedicated page.

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