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Working on the well known Raspberry PI, this software environment turns your own RPI into an interface between ELA Innovation’s BLE beacons and sensors and your information system (IS). Thanks to its standard interfaces (MQTT, API REST & GRPC), it increases tenfold the efficiency of your industrial IOT network by integrating seamlessly into any network architecture, either locally (ON PREMISE) or on cloud applications (SAAS).

Easy to use and powerful, this BLE gateway will scan and read in real time a large number of Bluetooth devices simultaneously. You will be easily able to retrieve data from your sensors or visualize them in graphical form, but also send commands and configure your network.

Don’t have a Raspberry PI Gateway?
Check out our BLE Gateway page which includes the software environment AND the industrial box.








Use cases

  • BLE scanner function with real time scanning
  • “Smart” search functions
  • Reading of sensor data
  • Graphic display of sensor data
  • Commands in connected mode (LED control, battery status, data logger download)
  • Output protocols and APIs: MQTT, REST, GRPC
  • MQTT configuration: port & broker address / optional TLS and certificate, subject prefix
  • Compatible with Raspberry PI4

Find all our free software to set up beacons and sensors on the dedicated page.

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