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The MECOMO Group specializes in telematics solutions for non-powered logistics objects. It offers its customers complete solutions in the form of services, with not only internal or external tracking, but also the registration of the status of all transported goods entirely based on sensors.


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mecSOLAR® plus/iot is the world’s most versatile telematics unit for tracking non-powered logistics objects. Its compact design, modular architecture, small footprint, and more than 10 years of field-proven, maintenance-free motion tracking make it capable of solving all object tracking challenges. It is designed for flexibility, durability and extreme ruggedness for all object modalities. mecSOLAR® supports the latest mobile communication networks. Built-in wired and wireless sensors can monitor all logistics-related conditions. The optional Bluetooth interface of the newest generation also offers freely scalable IOT swarm/MESH technology. Together with our powerful platform mecFLEET® it is the ideal tool for end-to-supply chain visibility for large scale logistics operations and workflows. Our solutions support, logistics objects tracking and monitoring even in extreme conditions (i.e sea containers, swap bodies, rail transport and intermodal combinations), inhouse tracking and scaleable massive IoT monitoring of on-site objects. App solutions by MECOMO are enhancing digital workflows.

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