Blue PUCK ID QUUPPA (IDF22540-01A)

Featuring Angle of Arrival (AOA) detection technology, the Blue PUCK ID QUUPPA is the ideal tag for high-precision location of people and equipment. Robust and 100% autonomous, this tag integrates perfectly with RTLS (Real Time Locating System) solutions in industrial environments.

Please note that our Blue PUCK ID QUUPPA tag can only work within a QUUPPA infrastructure, composed of LOCATOR antennas and the QUUPPA software suite.

For any information on these elements, we invite you to contact the sales teams of our partner QUUPPA.

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High accuracy
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Real time




Optional :
✔ Support + double-sided adhesive (PUCK HOLDER STICKER)
Included :
✔ Technical support


✔ Device Manager Setup Software


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Bluetooth Advanced Features

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Blue PUCK ID QUUPPA (IDF22540-01A)

Blue PUCK ID QUUPPA (IDF22540-01A)


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