Indoor location starter kit - Light

This indoor starter kit allows you to consult in real time and in a 100% autonomous way, the position of people and equipment.

Based on the Mesh technology developed by WIREPAS, this indoor localization solution is based on a battery-powered infrastructure requiring no connection, composed of a set of fixed and mobile Blue PUCK ID+ Mesh beacons. The anchors are fixed at regular intervals throughout the building and the mobile beacons are either worn by people as badges or fixed to the equipment to be located. This bidirectional network also allows light signals to be emitted.

Caution, this kit is intended for an informed audience with a good level of knowledge in industrial connected object integration. If you want a turnkey solution that is easy to deploy, please order the STARTER KIT Premium (on request).


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Battery-powered infrastructure
Easy setup
100% secured


✔25 Tags Blue Puck ID+ Mesh (with NFC configuration)
✔ 10 mobile points
✔ 15 anchors
✔ 1 gateway plug & play


✔ Sensors holder
✔ NFC Reader


3 months access to the Wirepas Network Tool Evaluation tool (Cloud + PC)
✔ Visualization of the tags position in real time
✔ Visualization of the network status
✔ Importing plans, placing and updating anchors
✔ 3 months access to Wirepas technical support

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