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People access control

Ensure your colleagues and premises safety!

The people access control solution allows to detect in real time and authorize or not any person equipped with a badge, to enter a secured area. This solution hinges on the active RFID DOT dual wavelength technology.

This access control solution hinges on readers, badges and antennas installation and a management software. The system works as follows: activators are placed into different places in the premises and awake active DOT RFID tags within reach worn by workers. The tag is then detected by the antenna, which send the information to the reader, then to the management software.

The door opens if the person has the accreditation

The +: If the person does not have the accreditation, an alert can be sent by the software in order to locate him and the entry point which triggered the alert.


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People access control is a solution allowing to secure your sites and prevent bypassing into restricted areas.

  • Less than a meter accuracy
  • Low installation cost
  • Compatible with access control devices (Wiegand & D&C)
  • 100% autonomous Tags
  • Long battery life
  • Compact, robust and waterproof Tags

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Our access control system is installed by Geoloc’assist in an EHPAD in order to ensure patients safety.

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