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Thanks to KL-S system from Kheops Technologies & ELA innovation, Lille Sud Clinic maximized the patient care pathway

On the occasion of the 10th ceremony of the Private Hospitalization Trophies, the Lille Sud Clinic will be given pride of place to the implementation of a real time patient flow optimization solution and will receive the 2017 FHP Trophy in the Patient Relations category.

This annual event will highlight the performance of private health facilities, this year it will be held on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at MEDEF in Paris.

Kheops Localization System (K-LS) connects clinic

The Lille Sud Clinic ensures the daily patient pathway management with the K-LS solution.  Resulting from the cooperation between Kheops Technologies and ELA innovation, the K-LS system uses Active RFID technology and combines identification and real-time localization with path reconstruction software. Designed to optimize the patient journey, it meets the new needs of the French hospital sector: the increase in outpatient interventions.

The assistant nurse gives the patient a wrist badge, the WATCH ID, and enters him into the "patient checklist" upon his arrival. Receivers placed at the key points of the clinic record the patient’s attendance. The software in the waiting room displays anonymously on a screen, the patient's identity in the form of a number and establishes his path. This allows the accompanying person to follow step by step the different stages of his close family or friend’s surgical intervention.

All the healthcare staff access to the information on the software, the patient’s path is perfectly simulated and the organization of the services is carry out in real time.

The K-LS system completes the Kheops Technologies range of solutions for hospitals and clinics and offers a complementary software and hardware suite. It responds to the requests of its customers in search of management solutions for their activity.

Seven years of R&D in full cooperation between the ELA innovation and Kheops Technologies team results in an efficient and reliable integrated solution, source of optimization for both users patients and investors.


  • When: Tuesday, June 19, 2018. From 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Where: MEDEF (55 avenue Bosquet - 75007 Paris)

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