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Localizing employees in high-rise buildings

In order to provide a general solution to satisfy fire department requirements for high-rise buildings, ELA Innovation developed an employee localization and counting solution to be used on every floor.

Each employee is equipped with a long-range active RFID badge. For example, sixteen floors in a high-rise building were covered with just two readers per floor, covering the floor’s entire surface area despite challenging conditions, including numerous metal bookshelves, high density of stored paper, very low ceilings, and the building’s metallic structure. Without having to take any specific action, employees are detected automatically while performing their regular everyday tasks.

With this system and companion software, each employee can be localized in real-time on every floor.

With its companion software, this system localizes each employee in real-time on every floor.

  • Real-time employee detection and localization per floor
  • On-the-fly detection without any action required by employees
  • Simple infrastructure optimizes installation time
  • Very long active tag battery life
  • Possibility to display employee identity

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Our partner Satelec, a member of the Fayat group, implemented this employee localization solution at the Nord Pas de Calais Departmental Archives high-rise in France to meet security requirements imposed by the General Council and Fire Department authorities.

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