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Adapted to harsh industrial environments, combining sturdiness and longevity, the LoRa HOME sensor is based on LoRa Technology. This sensor, makes possible temperature, humidity, lightness and magnectic contact measurement on very long range.

The main advantage of the LoRa HOME is its battery lifecycle up to 20 years.

Private and public LoRa network compliant (LoRaWAN), this sensor meets the needs of many smart building applications. Indeed, it allows among others to measure temperature and humidity inside boiler rooms or in storage rooms.

Its NFC chip brings flexibility and comfort in programming and proximity identification.


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The numerous antennas deployed by telecom operators allows a LoRa coverage in more than 140 countries. The LoRa HOME permits to measure temperature and humidty inside buildings to protect sensitive products on very long range.


  • Battery Lifecycle: up to 20 years at one transmission per day +14dBm
  • Private and public LoRa network compliant (LoRaWAN)
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Embedded sensors: RHT, MAG, LUX
  • Operating modes:
    • «Périodical wake-up» mode: periodic data transmission on the LoRa network at a customizable frequency
    • «Acquisition» mode: data transmission on state triggering (exceeding the movement threshold, modification of magnetic sensor state)
  • Sturdy and industrial casing – IP65 waterproof
  • White DELRIN casing - 119 x 30,5 x 51 mm 
  • Agrifood products compliant (90/128/EEC)
  • Built-in NFC chip

Documentation and software

Downoald here our documentation and configuration software related to the LoRa tag.

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