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By combining the informational qualities of bar codes with wireless communication technology, RFID tags and labels make it possible to identify a wide range of objects, from people to animals, from goods to vehicles.

ELA Innovation's expertise leverages the research results of an in-house team of highly-qualified experts, frequently working in partnership with specialized university research laboratories. Our expertise is protected by several patents.

ELA Innovation has an R&D policy that specifically focuses on a sustainable development approach, offering extremely low levels of radio-frequency emissions and ecological impact. In addition to its own extensive R&D efforts, ELA Innovation maintains strong partnership ties with its clients in order to continually push the limits of innovation for new RFID applications.

At the same time, ELA Innovation leverages its strong high-tech business background to take clients' specific business needs into account from the outset, proceeding with thorough analyses to elaborate appropriate solutions.
We routinely work with our clients in long-term research and development projects to integrate ELA Innovation technology in new ways.

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“At this time, more than 200,000 active RFID & Bluetooth Low Energy products have been operating for over 18 years, confirming our expertise in the field.”

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