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SCIEL READER WF2 is a Wi-Fi connected gateway between active RFID sensors and the Internet.  All you need is to plug in a power supply to install the gateway. This industrial, long-range receiver collects RFID and wireless sensor information and transmits it to web-based platforms for connected objects.

rfid application case

The SCIEL READER WF2 is used for building monitoring

technical features


  • Long range 433MHz or 868 Mhz active RFID reader
  • WLAN WIFI interface: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz only)
  • Open collector output (0.1A, 30V) to drive one relay
  • Robust & compact aluminium casing: 98 x 64 x 36mm
  • Anti-oxydation paint
  • Power supply 9-48VDC (2.1 mm Jack plug or 3.81mm pitch screw connector)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • SMA-F connector for external RFID antenna
  • SMA-F-RP connector for WIFI antenna
  • IP network settings by Device Installer software


  • SCIEL READER WF2: 433 Mhz
  • SCIEL READER WF2E: IP68 Waterproof version
  • SCIEL READER WF2H: 868 Mhz


documentation & configuration software

Downoald here our documentation and configuration software related to the active RFID reader.

Kheops uses this solution for tracking the location of patients in hospital environments. “SCIEL READER WF2 connects directly to the hospital’s computer network, which makes the solution easy to install.”

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