Indoor location evaluation kit - Premium


Compatible in harsh industrial environments, the indoor location solution will allow you to consult in real time and in a 100% autonomous way, the position of people and equipment.

Based on Mesh technology developed by WIREPAS, this indoor location solution relies on a mesh network of ELA Innovation's tags. These tags can be mobile or fixed and this bidirectional network allows light or sound signals to be emitted through dynamic interaction. ELA Innovation relies on its network of partners to provide you with the IoT platform suited to your business. The latter will allow you, among other things, to consult the position of your mobile Tags and to trigger audio and visual alerts remotely

The battery-less infrastructure, which requires no connection, facilitates the deployment of the solution and ensures a highly competitive total acquisition cost.

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Premium indoor location starter kit

A complete solution to start your indoor location project

  • Easily configure your reports, without any technical knowledge.
  • Take advantage of an all inclusive solution, at a competitive price.
  • Benefit from a 100% secure infrastructure, which guarantees the confidentiality of your data.

kit composition

25 Tags Blue PUCK ID Mesh (with NFC setting)

1 plug and play gateway: SolidSens

1 NFC reader

6 months subscription to the chosen IoT platform

Also included

2h of online training

Bilingual customer support


Not included

Local SIM card

iot plateforme starter kit premium

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