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How does geo-tracking strengthen security and bring economic optimization in the aviation industry and on airport facilities?

Localization of parts, tools, equipment or even luggage, discover how indoor geolocation makes it possible to optimize and secure the aeronautics sector.

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Webinar 7: How does indoor location enable Renault to optimize its supply chain management?

Feedback on the roll-out of a location solution to optimize the management of the packaging line of a Renault plant - September 29 & October 1st

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How does Mesh technology meet the challenges of smart building?

How the IoT responds to the challenges of smart building? Find out how Mesh technology facilitates large-scale sensor deployment?

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IoT Cybersecurity: Best Practices and Future Development

With the massive development of connected objects, the question of cybersecurity arises. How to protect your IoT network? Interview with Hatem OUESLATI co-founder of IoTerop, an expert cybersecurity company.

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Due to the "Covid-19" health crisis, from March 17, 2020, ELA Innovation employees are adapting their operations to support you. Hotline and technical support are 100% functional, the production activity is maintained and our team is doing the best to ensure deliveries on time.

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