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IoT Cybersecurity: Best Practices and Future Development

With the massive development of connected objects, the question of cybersecurity arises. How to protect your IoT network? Interview with Hatem OUESLATI co-founder of IoTerop, an expert cybersecurity company.

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Mesh Systems - 04/13/2020

ELA Innovation and Wirepas presented their indoor location solution based on mesh network at the Modex 2020 trade show.

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What is a beacon? What are its use in the industry?

You know the connected objects market. But do you know precisely what a beacon is? How does it work? What are their typical uses?

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«COVID-19» information

Due to the "Covid-19" health crisis, from March 17, 2020, ELA Innovation employees are adapting their operations to support you. Hotline and technical support are 100% functional, the production activity is maintained and our team is doing the best to ensure deliveries on time.

We collaborate on long-term research and development partnerships to integrate our products for customers.

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