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Etheclo & ELA Innovation offer a complete temperature tracking solution for agri-food industry

ELA Innovation & its partner Etheclo offer you a complete temperature tracking solution to seccure agri-food transportation.

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How to secure cold chain traceability during transportation?

Temperature monitoring is a major issue for carriers who need to invest in high-performance traceability solutions. But what does the regulation say?

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Teltonika & ELA Innovation temperature tracking solution for vaccine transportation

ELA Innovation & its partner Teltonika offer you a complete temperature tracking solution to seccure vaccine transportation.

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Webinar 8 : How to locate and measure across a single network and on a single platform?

Participate in the webinar of ELA Innovation, Wirepas and Akensys on February 04, 2021.

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We collaborate on long-term research and development partnerships to integrate our products for customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about using active RFID & Bluetooth Low Energy for your innovative projects.

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“At this time, more than 200,000 active RFID & Bluetooth Low Energy products have been operating for over 18 years, confirming our expertise in the field.”

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