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People access control: Securing an underground construction site in Vancouver

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Asset tracking: location of handling equipment

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Asset Tracking: Identification of non-motorized mobile equipment

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The implementation of the access control system by our own resources was made easy by ELA’s remote support, and a good understanding of our site conditions. The deployed system allows us to ensure a reliable and permanent monitoring of the personnel working underground at a reasonable cost, and not to expose unnecessarily the lives of the rescuers in case of an incident

G. RouxConstruction Manager

"ELA Innovation's hardware is particularly well suited for harsh environments. We used the PUCKs to geolocate forklift trucks at in Valencia: Good tagging performance on trucks subjected to harsh conditions".

V. LêCEO - Apitrak

Air France has extended the technology to all its airfield equipment, including aircraft technical maintenance equipment.

A. BarréAir France