Optimize hospital equipment management and ensure hospital staff safety with IoT beacons.

Medical device tracking

Facilitate and accelerate the search for medical equipment with indoor geolocation. By automating the inventory of the equipment pool, this will optimize its management and limit the time and costs associated with the purchase of lost equipment.

Find out how and why ELA Innovation’s location beacons will enable the digitalization of medical equipment management.

Hospital staff tracking

Ensure the safety of the nursing staff thanks to indoor geolocation. This type of solution will allow security guards to help caregivers in case of aggression by locating them in real time and thus reduce the number of aggressions.

Find out how and why location beacons meet the security needs of healthcare workers.

Geolocation of patients

Facilitate and improve the patient’s journey thanks to high precision indoor geolocation. Equipping hospitals with geolocation solutions will allow patients to better orient themselves in the various departments and limit delays and no-shows.

Find out how and why ELA Innovation’s location beacons can meet this need.

Temperature monitoring of pharmaceutical products

Monitor the storage temperature of pharmaceutical products with Bluetooth temperature sensors. Ensure cold chain traceability and limit health and economic risks by maintaining products at the right temperature.

Find out how and why ELA Innovation’s Bluetooth temperature sensors can meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

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