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What is Quuppa technology?

Quuppa technology, born from the eponymous company founded in 2012 by the team from Nokia’s research center that invented high-precision indoor positioning, represents a major advancement in the field of Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS). Acknowledged as one of the most powerful on the market, it is considered a best-in-class technology in terms of performance. Distinguished by its reliability, versatility, customization, responsiveness, scalability, and exceptional localization precision, it is applicable across various industries. Quuppa adopts an approach closely aligned with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology while leveraging a more affordable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chipset. This combination enables Quuppa to offer real-time location accuracy and efficient management of numerous objects within a single network, making it the ideal solution for environments requiring the precise simultaneous tracking of several objects/people.

Components of a Quuppa Network Infrastructure

The Quuppa infrastructure is based on four key elements which interact in a coordinated way to guarantee an efficient real-time localization system.

Tracking tags

Tracking tags are the key element of the Quuppa infrastructure. These compact and intelligent devices emit radiofrequency signals captured by Locators. Each tag is unique and identifiable, enabling the system to precisely determine the real-time position of each object or person equipped with a tag within the space covered by the Quuppa network.

Quuppa Positioning Engine​

The Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) represents the intelligence of the system. It performs advanced calculations to determine the location of tags with high precision based on received signals. This positioning engine is at the core of the process, transforming raw data into real-time location coordinates.


Quuppa Locators are strategically positioned to receive signals emitted by location tags. These 360-degree antennas act as anchor points, capturing information from the tags and transmitting it to the Quuppa Positioning Engine. For precise localization in a 100m² area, we therefore recommend 4 locators Q17. If the ceiling height is greater than 5m, the Q35 locator will be more suitable for the best possible accuracy.

Quuppa Platform

Additionally, the Quuppa platform offers a comprehensive toolbox, including essential features such as planning, testing, configuration, installation, management, and integration with other systems. These tools provide users with significant flexibility to customize and optimize the system deployment according to their specific application needs. This integrated approach ensures precise data collection, efficient transmission to the Quuppa Positioning Engine, and flexible tools for overall system management.

The Quuppa infrastructure is a robust solution that can be adapted to a wide range of applications, from industrial environments to healthcare, sports, smart buildings and logistics.

Quuppa technology operation and infrastructure

Quuppa’s AOA (Angle Of Arrival) positioning technology is one of the RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) solutions based on the calculation of the angle formed between a beacon and an antenna in a 3D reference frame.

To operate, this technology relies on an infrastructure made up of Quuppa 360° antennas, locators, and Quuppa-compatible location tags attached to the equipment to be tracked or worn by the people to be located. The antennae are positioned at a height to cover the largest possible surface area.

Once the antennae have collected data, these are processed and analyzed by the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE), a component of the Quuppa Positioning suite. The next step is to use the Southbound DATA API, which extracts information such as location coordinates, quality index, timestamp, tag ID, zone, etc. This data is then transferred to the Quuppa Positioning Engine.

This data is then transferred to the Quuppa rules & query engine, where it can be used for event management, alarms, reporting and interfacing with mobile SDKs. The Northbound EVENT API converts this data into an easily understandable format and presents it on an enterprise IoT platform in the form of maps or dashboards.


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Use cases of Quuppa Technology


Tracking d'outils industriels


Tracking des visiteurs de musée


Tracking des athlètes


Tracking personnel hôspitalier

Industrial tool localization to automate inventory and optimize maintenance

Quuppa’s industrial tool localization solution offers unparalleled inventory automation and maintenance optimization. Thanks to the technology’s responsiveness, operators can visualize the real-time position of tools with precision up to a few dozen meters. This instant visibility enables efficient equipment management, facilitating automated inventory and the implementation of predictive maintenance strategies—an essential solution to enhance operational efficiency in industrial environments.

Indoor location of museum visitors to improve visitor experience

Using Quuppa-compatible tags worn by visitors, the museum is transformed into a dynamic digital space. The system instantly adjusts content according to the position of visitors, offering an immersive and captivating experience. Real-time positioning tracks visitors’ movements, triggering content updates such as information, audio guides and interactive elements based on their location in the museum. The integration of Quuppa technology introduces a modern, interactive dimension by digitizing the visitor experience.

Tracking athletes to measure their performance and digitalize the fan experience

By enabling precise assessment of movement and sports performance, this solution offers much more than just measurement. It creates a personalized experience for athletes, helping them to optimize their training and achieve higher levels of performance. It can also be used to digitize the fan experience, through applications that provide access to statistics or pre-order snacks, for example.

Location of hospital staff to ensure their safety

In the event of an emergency, real-time localization with Quuppa technology enables a rapid, coordinated response, ensuring the safety of hospital staff. On a day-to-day basis, it also facilitates the management of human resources, enabling the efficient distribution of personnel according to current needs, thus contributing to better organization of hospital operations.

Why choose Quuppa technology ?

The excellent accuracy of Quuppa’s real-time localization system, and its fast response times, make it a major asset in corporate digitalization projects.

Excellent positioning accuracy

As a real-time localization system (RTLS), Quuppa’s accuracy is among the highest on the market offering outstanding positioning precision, enabling localization with a margin of error of less than 1 meter. This accuracy is crucial for applications requiring extremely precise tracking.

High responsiveness (<1sec)

With a response time of less than 1 second, Quuppa technology guarantees immediate responsiveness, ensuring real-time tracking without delay. Real-time updates and the ability to track positions with millimeter precision make this technology an exceptional choice for applications requiring immediate response to position changes.

Adaptable to project size

Quuppa’s flexibility is a major asset, as it allows easy adaptation to the specific size of each project. Whether it’s a small local deployment or a large-scale implementation, Quuppa can be adjusted accordingly.

Interoperability between Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and Quuppa infrastructure

Recent technical developments in Quuppa technology have made this communication protocol interoperable with Bluetooth Low Energy sensors.

Now, in addition to providing location data, the Quuppa intelligent location system can act as a data gateway for a whole range of compatible Bluetooth sensors. Would you like to add environmental data measurement to your Quuppa indoor location infrastructure? You can integrate our best-selling BLE sensors into your IoT solution.

Our Bluetooth sensors that can be detected by Quuppa technology

blue puck mag bluetooth low energy detection
Blue PUCK RHT Vue Face
Blue PUCK MOV Debout

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What alternative technologies to Quuppa for indoor localization ?


Quuppa vs Wirepas

Wirepas technology stands out for its ability to provide precise localization with a margin of error of up to 5 meters. The significant advantage lies in its mesh network architecture, which eliminates the need for complex cabling, resulting in considerably lower installation costs than Quuppa technology.

On the other hand, Quuppa technology excels in terms of location accuracy (> 1m) and responsiveness (> 1ms). Despite potentially higher installation costs due to its more advanced infrastructure, Quuppa offers superior real-time tracking performance. Its ability to provide highly accurate location data and react instantaneously to movements represents a major advantage in contexts where responsiveness is paramount, such as in industrial environments or advanced security systems. So, the choice between Wirepas and Quuppa will depend on the specific requirements of each application, with a trade-off between accuracy, responsiveness and installation costs.

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Quuppa vs BLE

BLE technology is a standard communication protocol integrated into a wide range of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, trackers, routers, etc.), facilitating interoperability between existing peripherals and IT solutions. This ease of integration and its use both indoors and outdoors make this technology a benchmark in the field of connected objects. However, its level of precision is closer to “zoning” (around 5m), which may prove insufficient in some cases, particularly when the objects to be located are small or in very large numbers.

For greater indoor precision, with real-time position refresh, Quuppa remains the optimal choice. Users can therefore choose between the versatility of BLE and the targeted precision of Quuppa, depending on the specific requirements of their application.

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