designer and manufacturer


As a designer and manufacturer of connected objects for industrial use, we design products with very high autonomy, waterproof and robust, resistant to shocks and extreme climatic conditions (- 80°C to +200°C).

Our know-how is mainly based on the research results of a highly qualified in-house R&D team working in conjunction with specialized university research laboratories. But also on the creation of technological partnerships with innovative companies such as Wirepas and Quuppa, specialized in high-precision indoor localization.

To protect this know-how, 3 patents have been filed.

Our R&D policy is resolutely oriented towards a sustainable development approach with extremely low levels of radiofrequency emissions and ecological impact. Beyond our own R&D activities, we are committed to developing partnerships with our customers to push back the boundaries of innovation for new Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa and Active RFID applications.

Our strong corporate culture is focused on innovation, taking into account the customer’s “business” dimension from the very first contact, and including it in the process of analyzing and building the right equipment offer to meet their needs.

We work for our customers on the integration of our products with long-term research & development partnerships.

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