Bluetooth Advanced Features

Want to customize the firmware of your fleet of Bluetooth beacons and sensors? Discover our premium Bluetooth Advanced Features service, which will allow you to configure 100% of the frames according to your needs and much more.


With the Bluetooth Advanced Features option, you will accelerate the deployment of your business solution and ensure customer satisfaction.


The Bluetooth Advanced Features option is a premium service requiring the creation of a custom frame configuration. This configuration is done at the factory.


All ELA Innovation products in the Bluetooth Low Energy range are compatible with the Bluetooth Advanced Features option.

What are the new features?

The Bluetooth Advanced Features (V4.1.0) option is a 100% customized premium service. The new functionalities integrated in this offer will allow you to precisely meet the business needs of your customers.

The Bluetooth Advanced Features service allows you to fully configure the frame of our beacons and Bluetooth sensors from byte 1 to 31. You will be able to create 2 distinct conditional byte blocks whose content can change depending on sensor values or internal variables.

This feature will allow you for example to configure your devices according to the Eddystone TLM format which alternates an Eddystone ID frame and an Eddystone frame with a sensor data. It also works with the iBeacon format, but also with the frame format compatible with the Geotab trackers and all the so-called “proprietary” formats.

The SCAN Response format is also configurable. You will be able to display the battery voltage of your devices in it.

Thanks to the Smart Mode, you will have the possibility to modify automatically and in real time the different periods of operation of a device according to the sensor data: advertising period, sensor measurement period, datalogger recording period. For each period, you can define 2 values, a nominal period and a fast period. These periods will change automatically when the defined threshold is crossed or when the nominal operating range is exceeded.

For example, to ensure the traceability of the cold chain during transport, you use a temperature sensor whose nominal operating range is between -35°C and -20°C. You can define the following rule: if the measured value is within the nominal range, the sensor will emit every 1min and if the value is outside this range, the sensor will emit every 1sec. Thus, the driver can be alerted in real time of any abnormal operation while minimizing the data traffic transmitted to your information system.

By choosing the Bluetooth Advanced Features service, you will be able to set the advertising period up to 86 400sec. Our R&D team has developed a Bluetooth communication system that guarantees the connectivity of a beacon regardless of its advertising period.

For example, if you want to measure a slowly changing value, such as the temperature of a room, you can choose to transmit the temperature value only every 2 minutes. This will reduce the data traffic on your network and increase the battery life of the BLE sensor.

With this advanced firmware version, “standard” log records are made in absolute time using clock synchronization. It will also be possible to partially download your datalogger by indicating the indexes or the start and end timestamps of the data to download. It will also be possible to download the most recent data first thanks to the reverse download.

For example, when a sensor equips a refrigerated trailer that has been stored for 24 hours, the tractor coming to pick up this trailer will be able to download the data of the last 24 hours instead of the complete memory of the datalogger, thus reducing the download time to less than 10 seconds instead of several minutes for a complete download.


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