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Housings / products

Unless requested, the beacons and sensors are all delivered activated for simplicity for customers.

The majority of our products are white. However, we can study the feasibility of a specific color according to your needs and the volumes you can commit to.

The personalization of the label according to your graphic charter or your needs while respecting the template and the legal elements is an (paying) option that you can add to your order.

We offer mounting brackets for the following product formats:

Battery & lifecycle

The battery of the LITE, WATCH, Anchor and LR format products can be changed by the user.

The battery of the COIN and PUCK formats cannot be changed by the user, the replacement must be done by ELA Innovation.

The autonomy of ELA Innovation products can reach 20 years depending on the settings and configuration chosen.

For more details, please refer to the autonomy curves available in the documentation area.

As beacons and sensors are battery operated, the temperature of use has an impact on their autonomy. On each product sheet you will find the recommended temperature ranges and in the documentation area, we provide you with autonomy curves taking into account different parameters including the temperature of use.

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For BLE beacons, the battery level can be consulted when it falls below the 15% threshold on the Device Manager application.
For other technologies (Quuppa, Wirepas and LoRa) the battery levels are available on the dedicated applications.

Additional services

You can order custom programmed products by making a request to our experts: click here

Yes, ELA Innovation offers 2 calibration services for BLE temperature sensors: a COFRAC accredited calibration and a COFRAC connected calibration.

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The frequency of sensor calibration will depend mainly on the use of the sensor and the level of accuracy required. Nevertheless, some standards and regulations impose calibration frequencies depending on the commodity.

The European Commission regulation N° 37/2005 dated January 12, 2005 (more info here) indicates that periodic verification according to the EN13486 standard is mandatory for the transport and storage of frozen food intended for human consumption.

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Yes, the COFRAC calibration certificate is valid internationally. The COFRAC organization is affiliated to the ILAC ” International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ” thus ensuring worldwide recognition and validity of COFRAC accredited calibration certificates.

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To facilitate the integration of ELA Innovation beacons and sensors, you have access to the SDK (development kit) which includes code examples, microservices and APIs.

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The free Device Manager Mobile application available on Android and iOS can be used to set up demonstrations of ELA Innovation products. For BLE temperature sensors, you can also use the free demo application “Easy Probe“.

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Produits Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth Low Energy is a variant of the so-called “classic” Bluetooth. These two communication protocols are not used for the same purposes.

The “classic” Bluetooth will allow to exchange a large amount of data such as music for example, but will be very energy consuming.

The Bluetooth Low Energy also called BLE, will allow to send small packets of data such as an ID number or a sensor data (eg temperature, humidity). This variant, as its name indicates, is low energy and will also offer a much longer range than the “classic” Bluetooth.

To learn more, we recommend you read this blog post: click here

The maximum range of a BLE beacon can reach 500 meters in open field. However, the range of a beacon can vary depending on its environment, we advise you to refer to this article to learn more:  click here

ELA Innovation beacons are Apple iBeacon and Eddystone compatible. You can choose either setting when you place your order.

You can set the emission period of your beacons and sensors (whatever their technology) thanks to the Device Manager application which is available in PC or Mobile version.

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We do not manufacture GPS trackers but our products are compatible with a list of telematic modules marketed by our partners. (list of partners: https://elainnovation.com/en/partners/

Our support department has also tested a more restricted list of GPS trackers for which we can provide you with help and a tutorial on request:

– Teltonika FMB120 : consult
– Ruptela Pro 5 : consult
– Digital Matter Remora 2 : consult
– Atrack Ak7V : consult
– Navtelecom : consult

Do not hesitate to come back to us if you need more information or if you have any other questions about our products.

General information

For products in stock, the delivery time in France is 2 to 3 working days and for the rest of the world 2 to 5 working days.

You can order products, even if they are no longer in stock, in this case the delivery times will be communicated to you by the sales department.

On the eshop, the minimum quantity required is 2 products per reference. Except for LoRaWAN products which can be ordered in 1 copy.

The payment methods we accept on the eshop are the following:
– Credit card
– Bank transfer

We garantee the products against default that might appear under normal usage conditions, in the 24 months following their shipment.

As the working parameters of the tags can be modified by the user, this warranty does not cover cases in wich the estimated life expectancy would be inferior to the warranty period.

You can use the filters on the page to look for autonomy charts. You can also find more information on our warranty policy on the GTC page on our website:

We can also offer you warranty extension package on all of our product range. If you are looking for more information about the warranty extension package, please contact our sales management service.

To organize a return you must contact the technical support ([email protected]), which will ask you in return for a description of the defects found to make the diagnosis necessary to take into account the warranty of the product.

Lorsque le diagnostic préalable a été réalisé, le support d’ELA Innovation vous fera parvenir un document à joindre obligatoirement aux produits à nous retourner.

Selon nos conditions générales de vente, les frais de port pour le retour des équipements sont à votre charge. ELA Innovation prendra en charge les frais de réexpédition des équipements réparés ou remplacés.

Vous trouverez également plus d’informations sur notre garantie sur la page CGV de notre site: https://elainnovation.com/cgv/

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