Smart Farming

Secure and optimize the management of livestock and farm machinery with our beacons and Bluetooth sensors.


Farm equipment tracking

Improve and optimize farm equipment fleet management with farm equipment tracking. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, you can optimize equipment performance, track its location and use, and monitor all aspects of safety.

Find out how and why ELA Innovation’s farm machinery tracking solution and beacons meet these challenges.

Animal tracking and herd health management

Improve and secure animal herd management with sensors from ELA Innovation. Using an animal tracking solution not only makes it easier to manage resource use more efficiently, but also reduces losses due to theft, predators or accidents, and minimizes health risks by identifying injured or sick animals.

Find out how and why ELA Innovation sensors are ideal for animal tracking.

surveillance température transport animaux

Ambient temperature monitoring during animal transport

Secure and optimize animal transport with ELA Innovation sensors and beacons by monitoring transport conditions in real time.

Find out how and why ELA Innovation’s temperature sensors can be easily integrated into your live animal transport tracking solution.

Boost your
telematic project!

Discover how to monitor, track and secure vehicle fleets using Bluetooth sensors and beacons.

brochure transport et télématique mockup

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