Device Manager Suite

Device manager is a software suite developed by ELA Innovation allowing to configure and program BLE, Wirepas mesh, Quuppa and LoRA beacons by NFC.

Discover below the different FREE applications composing this software suite: Device Manager PC & mobile, Device Manager Activator & Device Manager Connector

Device Manager


  • ELA Innovation beacons (all technologies) programming and configuration software
  • “Advertising” and “Connected” modes management for BLE beacons
  • Available on Windows 10 PC and Android & iOS smartphone
  • 2.3.7 version

PC software

Device manager mobile

  • ELA Innovation beacons (all technologies) configuration, activation & test software
  • Available on Google Playstore (Android) & App Store (iOS)

Android Application

iOS Application

device manager activator

  • ELA Innovation beacons Activation / Deactivation as a serie or single unit
  • Available on Windows 10
  • 1.1.1 version

Windows Software

device manager connector

  • ELA Innovation beacons Connexion & Scan
  • Available on Windows 10

Windows Application

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