Our best-selling PUCK products are certified for the Japanese market

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As part of ELA Innovation’s international development, and in order to strengthen relations with our partners in Japan, we are proud to inform you that our flagship “PUCK” range has been certified MIC by MiCOM Labs Inc.

In Japan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) oversees the certification process for radio frequency equipment, known as “Radio Equipment Type Approval”. Manufacturers applying for certification must comply with strict technical standards set by the MIC, and obtain approval from an accredited body designated by the Japanese government, such as TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) or MiCOM Labs Inc.

This certification ensures compliance with technical standards for radio equipment used in Japan, such as cellular phones, wireless LAN devices and professional radios. It is also known internationally as MIC or GITEKI certification.

Our certified products

  • Blue PUCK ID
  • Blue PUCK MOV
  • Blue PUCK MAG
  • Blue PUCK T EN12830
  • Blue PUCK ID Mesh
  • Blue PUCK ID+ Mesh
  • Blue PUCK MOV Mesh
  • Blue PUCK MAG Mesh
  • Blue PUCK T Mesh
  • Blue PUCK ID Quuppa

Discover our “PUCK” Bluetooth sensor range

conform to Japanese radio standards

This certification, issued by MiCOM Labs Inc. for our flagship “PUCK” range, marks a major step forward in our commitment to quality and international conformity, and testifies to our ability to meet rigorous technical standards.

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