[eBook] IoT for geolocation: 16 concrete use cases

Dive into the world of cutting-edge technologies: BLE, Wirepas and Quuppa, discover a multitude of applications and optimize your processes & decision-making.


What you will learn...

Whatever their sector of activity, indoor and outdoor geolocation has become an important factor for companies seeking to optimize their performance. In this brochure, you’ll discover 16 real-life use cases of indoor and outdoor geolocation applications in a variety of sectors:


Worker safety, tool and machine tracking, site security and access control…

Industie 4.0

Tracking of logistics vehicles, tracking of spare parts, automatic inventory and pallet location, tracking of industrial tools, etc.

Transport & Telematics

Driver identification, fleet management, equipment tracking during transport, geolocation and NME tracking,…


Medical equipment tracking, hospital staff safety, patient and visitor pathways, etc.


Visitor location in museums, tracking and inventory of IT equipment, etc.

Indoor & outdoor geolocation at a glance...


value of the american indoor tracking market


of BLE-based indoor location market value


of the digitalization projects

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