Founded in January 2010 and listed on the TPEx in 2015, ATrack Technology is the world’s leading brand of telematics products and services.
With more than 20 years of accumulated technology, ATrack Technology is dedicated to providing GPS trackers that are certified by global communication network and telecommunication providers, from product design, technology R&D, manufacturing to the global marketing of its own brand. By utilizing its own software and hardware R&D capabilities and flexible production strategies, ATrack Technology has established a highly customized R&D and production system, and provides efficient technical support and after-sales services to customers.
ATrack upholds a philosophy of pursuing excellence and obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2019. We expect to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable operations by continuously and actively improving and implementing quality management and processes. To provide the global vehicle-to-everything industry with a full range of telematics solutions, and to move together into the interconnected future.


Equipment manufacturer

line of business

geographic area

USA, Asia, Middle East, South America, Pacific Islands


ATrack has integrated numerous ELA wireless sensors for variety of application. Hence, customers would only need to plug-n-play and be ready to operate in a simple way.

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