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Pedigree Technologies provides an award-winning IoT cloud-based platform and suite of software solutions that help track, monitor, and diagnose high-value assets — facilitating the orchestration of people and supply/service chains. Our intuitive and customizable OneView platform design overcomes traditional IoT obstacles many enterprises face. Unlike “Square peg – Round hole” proprietary offerings, we offer choices. Our open, hardware-neutral design makes it easier for companies to connect any data or asset resource, fixed or mobile. This means asset-and-service-intensive heartland industries such as construction, heavy equipment, transportation, and oil & gas can choose from our array of solutions to meet their unique requirements.


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Canada, USA, Mexique


Pedigree Technologies key capabilities: asset tracking; fleet and maintenance management; dual dash cams; temperature, tank, and tire monitoring; and multiple driver solutions including ELD, dispatch, electronic work orders, and more!

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