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ubinam enables you to track vehicle fleets like trucks, cars, transporters, machinery, containers, swap bodies, cash machines and small machines in real time. It is also possible to record employee-specific work time and to mind people that need special protection. We also collect data (e.g. vehicle data) for you and transfer it to the multilingual multi-client user-friendly portal ubinam Tracking live. We can also integrate your processes for data transfer between Tracking live and your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or other programms.


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On the ubinam Tracking live platform you can locate via GPS and GMS and manage your vehicle fleet in real-time at anytime and anywhere. Login on computer, tablet or smartphone with access to the internet and view our monitoring system on a BSI certified cloud server. That saves you as our customer from providing and maintaining your own server and server infrastructure including the dedicated equipment peripherals and carrier integration. With just a few clicks you can get daily, weekly or monthly reports as detailed as you or the accounting needs them. These reports can also be downloaded and exported in different file formats or regular and fully automatic send via mail.

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