RFID Software Suite


  • Parameter setting software for RFID readers SCIEL READER with serial interface
  • Adjusting the detection distance of the badges
  • Display of the frames received as they flow through the system
  • Real-time measurement of RF noise level
  • Internal relay management / open collector output
  • RS232 or USB connection on PC under Windows


  • Software for setting up, visualization and recording of RFID data frames
  • For RFID SCIEL READER with RS232, 485, Ethernet, WIFI or USB interfaces
  • Use of MCHD Order Codes
  • For PCs running Windows XP and higher


  • Software activation and deactivation of the Active RFID badge
  • Simplified 2-button screen interface
  • Use with tool SCIEL PROG IR
  • For PCs running Windows XP and higher


  • Software for visualization of real-time RSSI levels of tags
  • Application for readers with serial or IP interface
  • Setting the sampling rate and RSSI scale
  • Login filtering
  • RS232 / USB / IP connection on PC under Windows


  • Parameter setting of DOT series tags on SCIEL PROG IR programmer
  • Parameter setting of the TAG ACTIVATOR powered and with SETUP CABLE
  • Parameter setting of the RFID reader serial output SCIEL READER R and SCIEL READER Lite
  • User mode with general settings
  • Expert mode with detailed settings


  • ERW software for setting up active tags and badges
  • Dedicated software for the SCIEL PROG IR tag programmer
  • Tag setting and control, contactless, in proximity
  • Activation and deactivation
  • For PCs running Windows XP and higher


  • Active RFID Tags and Readers management software
  • Windows for real-time tracking of tag detections
  • Automatic counting function for inputs and outputs
  • Option counter display on PC screen
  • Option on luminous panel by RS485 link
  • Real-time automatic inventory function
  • Exportable time-stamped records file
  • MS Access database or .csv file
  • RFID Middleware – Single-user license


  • WEB application for counting and localization by zone of workers in a tunnel
  • Accessible from a web browser via smartphone, tablet or computer 7 days a week, 24/7
  • Operational metering application even if your Ethernet link is broken on the lifebases
  • Graphical representation of tunnels in 2D
  • Graphical visualization and display of the number of tags in 2D zones and lists in separate zones
  • Choice of the 2D plan
  • Multi-user annual license (Extension possible depending on the duration of the project) – Secured by a password unique to the project (3 access levels: user, manager, administrator)
  • Customizable: possibility to modify zone names, incorporate logo and specific backgrounds
  • Possibility of interfacing with controller administration software for site access control (door, gate, tripod, turnstile)

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