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ELA Innovation is based in Montpellier, in the south of France. The company is a limited liability company with a board of directors.
Founded in 2000, ELA Innovation designed, developed, and patented its SCIEL® solution for long-range wireless identification technology.
ELA Innovation is one of the dynamic leaders in the development of industrial wireless sensors and beacons, based upon a wide range of long range technologies like Active RFID and Bluetooth  Low Energy technologies.

ELA Innovation is positioned as a major player in the French market for UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) active radio-frequency identification – RFID. At this time, over 200,000 devices have been in operation for over five years, enabling us to offer clients field-proven confirmation of our expertise.

ELA Innovation offers a wide range of miniaturized readers and Tags, RFID Active and Bluetooth Low Energy featuring ultra-low power consumption (ULPW) and extended battery life that meet the requirements of numerous applications.

ELA Innovation team

“With a degree in applied physics and a PhD in Robotics, I was headed towards a career as a research professor. I chose my current profession in the late 1990s, when it became clear to me that my path was leading to the business world. I wanted to adapt my essential skills based on research and innovation into a viable activity, and ended up founding ELA Innovation in 2000 with the continued support of my wife.
ELA Innovation is a young company that mirrors my own personality: the company is organized, creative, bold, and pursues its development based on three core values with which our management team and staff can identify:
Innovation, responsibility, and quality.
These three values form the foundation, the very DNA, of ELA Innovation. The company leverages these values at all times to ensure customer satisfaction.
At ELA Innovation, we are all very focused on this key goal. With innovation in our hearts.”

Pierre Bonzom
Founder and CEO

Company History

2018¤ 2 million Fundraising

2017Commercialization of a new range of Bluetooth Low Energy beacon and sensors, ultra long lifecycle & very high receiving range.

2016Commercialization of a new range of specific tags and sensors ATEX zone 0 certified compatible with explosive atmospheres.

2015Deployment of a traceability solution of containers for the DPD Group.

2014Move to a brand new place.

2013 International distributor network.

2012Launch of the Real Time Locating System (RTLS) DOT project.

2011Radio Tracking system for living animals adopted by the CNRS.

2010Commercialization of an active RFID pedestrian detection system, to meet security requirements for construction and logistics sites where mobile equipment is used in the presence of employees on foot.

2009Commercialization of automatic personnel counting systems to track construction site workers during highway tunnel drilling projects.

2007Technology program in cooperation with the Languedoc-Roussillon Logistics and Transport sector: leveraging Active RFID for real-time tracking and graphical display of temperature measurements for product shipments.

2005Commercialization of an active RFID system - PTI, that sends informational alarms (such as for vertical loss, immobility, or emergency), with location information, to a monitoring station in order to provide support for people carrying out rounds alone inside vast buildings.

2004Commercialization of an anti-theft system for electric forklifts at logistics sites for mass distribution.

2000ELA Innovation S.A. founded by Pierre Bonzom, PhD in electronics and signal processing and professor at the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan.

Our partner

“At this time, more than 200,000 active RFID & Bluetooth Low Energy products have been operating for over 18 years, confirming our expertise in the field.”