Blue PUCK T EN 12830

The Blue PUCK T EN12830 is an autonomous temperature sensor Bluetooth technology compliant. Sturdy and waterproof, this sensor is adapted to harsh industrial environments. Highly performant, it transmits the temperature measurement within a radius of 500 meters.

This Blue PUCK is one of the first temperature sensors on the market that received the latest EN12830 certification issued in August 2018. As this product is certified both in terms of performance and embedded software, it is unnecessary to use a certified collection application.

By complying with this European standard the Blue PUCK T EN12830 secures the transport of heat-sensitive goods (food and health products) by recording the temperature of refrigerated trucks.

The Bluetooth Low Energy protocol allows this beacon to interface with any mobile compliant with this technology. Its NFC chip brings flexibility and comfort regarding programmation and proximity identification.

Application case

The Blue PUCK T EN12830 allows temperature measurement inside refrigerated trucks and ensure cold chain traceability by complying with agri-food standards. Its high transmission range and good battery lifecycle make its deployment in large spaces easier.

Additional service

Temperature recorders must be periodically checked by a COFRAC certified metrology laboratory. (cf : Blog post)

This periodic verification must be carried out by a COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) accredited entity in France, it allows the EN13486 standard to be met throughout Europe.

We now offer you a COFRAC certification service for your Blue PUCK T EN12830. This service allows you to :

  • Benefit from a continuous service without interruption through an exchange. In order to avoid you to send the recorders to a metrology laboratory and have no one to replace them during the certification, we send to you in advance the necessary quantity to exchange your recorders. You have one month to return your old recorders to us.
  • Have an adapted certification by offering you 1,2 or 3 control points according to your needs:
    • COFRAC CERT01 : calibration service according to the EN13486 standard in a COFRAC certified laboratory in 1 point at 0C.
    • COFRAC CERT02 : Calibration service according to the EN13486 standard in a COFRAC certified laboratory in 2 points at 0C and -20C.
    • COFRAC CERT03 : Calibration service according to EN13486 standard in a COFRAC certified laboratory in 3 points at 20C, 0C and -20C.
  • And finally, to manage the entire certification for you.

More information

Technical features

  • High transmission range: 500m (open field)
  • Lifecycle: up to 19 years
  • Up to 4 000 downloaded temperatures
  • Secured NFC programming
  • Secured download of recorded and time stamped data
  • Wireless temperature sensor: -30C to +85C
  • Sturdy industrial casing - IP65 waterproof
  • ∅ 57mm base - Thickness 20mm - Weight 36g
  • Standards: EN 12830-2018 and RoHS Compliant


  • Double-sided direct fixation of the tag: PUCK STICKER (ACIOM188)

Downoald here our documentation and configuration software related to the Bluetooth sensor.

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