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In the rapidly evolving landscape of IoT solutions for transportation, the global market is making remarkable strides. Projections point to substantial growth, with the wireless sensor market expected to reach 14.6 billion USD by 2025. These developments underline an era of transformation where connected technologies are reshaping standards of efficiency and reliability within the transportation industry.

In this article, we explore key use cases, illustrating the successful integration between ATrack trackers and gateways and our BLE sensors.

Improve cold chain efficiency and compliance with telematics solutions

Healthcare products and medicines are expensive, fragile and need to be handled with the utmost care. Maintaining their temperature is essential to preserve their properties. To meet this global challenge, carriers are equipping themselves with even more effective temperature control solutions to ensure the viability of vaccines.

Our Blue PUCK T-PROBE Bluetooth temperature sensor meets the challenges of cold chain traceability. This external probe sensor is ideal for extreme industrial environments, such as monitoring the temperature of pharmaceutical products. In fact, this temperature logger offers an extra-large measuring range from -80°C to +200°C, and can record and time-stamp up to 4000 temperatures, making it ideal for transporting heat-sensitive goods. Sensor accuracy: ±0.5°C typical (-30°C to +60°C), ±1°C typical (-40°C to +150°C), ±2°C typical (-80°C to +200°C). Resolution: 0.1°C.

To ensure optimum sensor performance, the Blue PUCK T-PROBE must be attached to the outside of the isothermal transport box, and the probe placed inside the box. 100% autonomous, the sensor measures and records temperature at regular (configurable) intervals. Temperature alert thresholds can be set to automatically warn the driver.

ATrack telematics gateways offer a seamless solution for the efficient collection and transfer of sensor data, facilitated by LTE connectivity.

In a successful proof-of-concept demonstration in Japan, a customer opted for the ATrack AK7V device as a telematics gateway integrated with our Bluetooth temperature sensors. Going a step further, ATrack provides customized services, ensuring that the sensitivity of temperature data collection and transmission meets the customer’s specific requirements. Its commitment to accuracy and reliability makes a significant contribution to optimizing cold chain logistics and complying with regulations.

Secure assets and optimize asset management with IoT

Asset tracking can be used to improve processes across all business sectors, thanks to its adaptability. This essential strategy enables organizations to monitor and manage the location and condition of their assets in real time, facilitating informed decision-making. Whether it’s optimizing inventory management or ensuring the safe transportation of goods, asset tracking plays a vital role in minimizing risk, increasing overall productivity and meeting industry standards.

The combination of the ATrack AS11 and our BLE sensors is perfect for asset management. This solution increases the security of valuable assets and optimizes their use. With Blue PUCK ID, users can identify and track equipment within a radius of 500 meters. Blue PUCK MOV detects vibration levels to trigger alerts or automated commands for vehicle access control. And this is just a small example of the use cases for IoT solutions integrating ATrack trackers and our BLE beacons and sensors.

This successful collaboration and integration opens up new possibilities for our two companies in the field of traceability.

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