Digital Matter launches its Bluetooth-enabled GPS tracker compatible with our BLE range

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Oyster3 Bluetooth Digital Matter

Integrate our IoT sensors into your Smart Transport solution with the new Oyster3 Bluetooth® byDigital Matter!

World’s leading developer of low-power GPS and IoT hardware for asset tracking and management applications, our partner Digital Matter, has added Bluetooth functionality in order to support BLE tag and sensor monitoring to its best-selling Oyster series. Discover the new Oyster3 Bluetooth® and how it’s compatible with ELA Innovation BLE range!

The Oyster3 Bluetooth® combines geolocation and Bluetooth Low Energy, enabling new asset management and sensor monitoring applications at an affordable price. This battery-powered GPS tracker makes it easy to transfer a wide range of essential data collected by our sensors and BLE beacons.

Discover the widest range of BLE beacons compatible with

Oyster3 Bluetooth® by Digital Matter

Discover how our BLE range meets the challenges of smart transport!

To meet the challenges of connected transport, our IoT experts recommend the following products:

  • The Bluetooth ID beacon range for identification of truck drivers and trailers, or automatic inventory of logistics equipment and tools.
  • Blue PUCK T EN12830 to respond to cold chain traceability issues.
  • Blue PUCK RHT to measure temperature and humidity in storage areas such as cold rooms.
  • Blue PUCK MAG to secure the transport of goods by detecting the opening and closing of truck doors and valves, or whether the sides of tipper trucks are open or closed.
  • Blue PUCK MOV to secure high-value-added equipment against theft, such as refrigeration units on refrigerated trucks.
  • Blue PUCK DI to detect whether passenger belts are properly engaged in lightweight commercial vehicles fitted with retrofitted back seats.

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