Blue PUCK T EN12830

Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the Blue PUCK T EN12830 temperature sensor is waterproof and robust. 100% autonomous, this sensor adapts to industrial environments to respond to cold chain traceability issues. The Blue PUCK T EN12830 is one of the very first temperature sensors on the market having received the latest EN12830 certification issued in August 2018. As this sensor is certified both in terms of its performance and its embedded software, it perfectly meets the standards for transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods.

Product sold in standard firmware version (V.3.X.X) not including premium Bluetooth Advanced Features (available in firmware V4.X.X). If you wish to order this product with Bluetooth Advanced Features, please contact our sales department.


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4,000 recorded values


✔ Blue PUCK T EN12830


Optional :
✔ Support + double-sided adhesive(PUCK HOLDER STICKER)
Included :
✔ Technical support


✔ Device Manager Setup Software

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