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Tracking non-motorized equipment at airports

In order to meet increasingly strict requirements for security, productivity, and public image, national and international airport operators have chosen to better manage their fleets of non-motorized equipment (NME), without an on-board energy source, such as stepladders, towbars, luggage carriers, container carriers, etc. Their desire is to be able to identify and localize these items in real-time and share this new information with the various companies owning the equipment, while associating localization data with information related to air traffic.

Given the extensive surface areas to be covered in airport zones, some of our partners specializing in on-board geolocation and telematics solutions have met this challenge by integrating active RFID technology from ELA Innovation to identify NME equipment in real-time.

An active tag is attached to each piece of NME equipment. Real-time localization is achieved by several vehicles covering the zones. These vehicles are equipped with a geolocation unit and an active RFID reader. Using this solution continuously throughout the airport zone enables operators to keep inventory and localize all NME equipment on an ongoing basis.


Success story - Identification of non-motorized equipment (NME)

This system enables identification and localization of non-motorized equipment (NME) in real-time.

  • Easy installation - far less down-time for NME equipment
  • Very long active tag battery life - fully optimizes overall solution costs       
  • Automated identification and inventory
  • Complete optimization of overall solution costs: low number of readers required to cover 100% of the airport zone; low active tag cost depreciated over their long battery life

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The XOPS solution developed by our partner Resonate MP4 is a control platform for scheduling, tracking, and optimizing mobility operations for ground equipment in airport zones. Resonate MP4 uses ELA Innovation active RFID readers and tags to localize NME equipment in real-time at the London and Paris airports.

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