Anti-theft marking solution Active RFID

Equipment anti-theft solution

STOP your logistic equipment Theft!

ELA Innovation ensures the security of logistic platforms thanks to its innovative anti-theft equipment solution based on Active DOT RFID technology.

This solution is powered by a 100% autonomous PUCK DOT active RFID tag fixed to the inside of the lift truck, device, pallet or package to detect and intercept in real time any unauthorized exit.

Antennas installed on the ground, trigger a light signal and / or sound alert to the control station in case of unauthorized exit, thus preventing the opening of the barrier and this, even if the Tag is located in a lorry.

Download equipment anti-theft solution - Case Study

This easy to install and inexpensive solution makes it possible to detect and prohibit any unauthorized zone exit, in real time.

  • Discrete and autonomous
  • Compatible with access control security and alarms
  • Real-time alerts for all movement of work equipment leaving the site
  • Compatible with centralized building management and technical building security systems

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Système U has implemented an anti-theft system to secure forklifts at its logistics platform.

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