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Equipped with the innovative WIREPAS MESH technology developed by our partner WIREPAS, the Blue ANCHOR meets the industrial requirements of people and equipment indoor location. This tracking system also makes possiblemovement tracking of handling machines in real time and thus facilitate fleet management inside buildings.

The Blue ANCHOR can be positioned on equipment and serve as a tracker or act as a fixed location beacon. This beacon can be easily integrated in the mesh network infrastructure developed by WIREPAS, the simplest to install and the most competitive on the market. Its battery operation makes it completely autonomous, no more heavy investments, power supply and constraints of cables needed to be drawn!

The Blue ANCHOR's double battery ensures an unmatched product baterry life in indoor localization. Indeed, in router mode, this beacon can reach up to 15 years of autonomy.

Via the WIREPAS MESH network, it is possible to activate the PICK TO LIGHT function of our beacon to precisely locate the equipment. Note also that our Blue ANCHOR can also transmit a BLE frame, in order to be detected by any equipment on the market with a standard Bluetooth connectivity thus playing the role of receiver. Last but not least, its NFC chip brings flexibility and comfort in programming and proximity identification.

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Since 2010, WIREPAS has developed an innovative software stack, enabling smart networking of large-scale industrial connected objects. Their Mesh-based software solution addresses many applications, such as locating people and equipment or monitoring sensors, ensuring one of the lowest infrastructure costs in the market. Based on a network of completely autonomous fixed beacons, the mesh network does not require any wiring, thus providing a great ease of installation. Its plug-and-play system and the firmware update across the network allow the extension and maintenance of the latter in a very simple and fast way.

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  • Localization accuracy: 5 to 10 meters
  • Lifecycle: up to 15 years in router mode
  • Operating modes:
    • Router mode - Anchor: data feedback on the network
    • Non- router mode - Mobile point: periodic transmission of the location / identifier
  • PICK TO LIGHT system
  • Advertising BLE frame
  • Sturdy industrial casing – IP68 waterproof
  • Integrated NFC chipset
  • Operating temperature : -40°C to +85°C
  • White DELRIN Housing
  • 119.2mm X 51.2mm X 24mm - W: 122g

Downoald here our documentation and configuration software related to the WIREPAS Mesh tag.

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