Lone worker monitoring on construction sites

Ensure the safety of operators on construction sites with ELA Innovation’s geolocation solution for lone workers.

Lone worker monitoring, what is it?

On a construction site, regardless of its size, the safety of operators and the management of resources are paramount. When you know that 40% of work accidents in France involve workers, you quickly realize that there is sgnificant room for improviement.

Using a worker tracking solution will help to meet this challenge by improving their safety, as well as optimizing the management of teams and subcontractors. Indeed, knowing in real time the number of operators present on the site and knowing in which zone or on which floor they are, may reduce the amount of accidents. For example, in the event of an incident (fire, collapse, etc.), each operator will receive an audible and visual alert telling them to evacuate.

In addition to reinforcing the safety of workers, this type of solution will also make it possible to secure the construction site by limiting access to it to people equipped with a badge. Improving the safety of a construction site also means improving its overall performance, by making the intervention of the various trades more fluid and avoiding potential delays.

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How does lone worker monitoring actually work?

From a technical point of view, the worker monitoring solution is based on an extremely light infrastructure made up of fixed and mobile tags creating a mesh network. The fixed tags, also called “anchors”, are positioned at regular intervals on the walls of the construction site and the mobile tags, 100% anonymous, are worn by the operators (fixed on the construction site helmet or worn as a badge).

The location information is calculated in relation to the signal strength (RSSI) emitted by the mobile tags and is transmitted via the network of fixed tags to the industrial gateways. Placed at a few strategic locations, these gateways will centralize the raw data and transmit it to the client’s server. The information will be transformed into GPS data by the Wirepas Positioning Engine. Once the data is transformed, the end user will be able to visualize it on the business application.

On this visualization platform, the end user will be able to visualize on a Google Maps type map, the position of the operators on the site and their distribution according to the zones. They will also be able to send them an audible (Buzzer) and visual (LED) alert in case of an evacuation plan. Real decision-making tools, the dashboards provide factual information on the organization of the site and facilitate arbitration and decision making.

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“I had already experimented with other solutions and was pleased to see that the ELA Innovation solution was particularly easy to use. We are happy to keep the solution.”

SNCF Project Manager

Why integrate ELA Innovation location tags into your lone worker monitoring and safety solution?

The location tags from ELA Innovation are ideal to meet the monitoring and protection needs of lone workers for various reasons:

100% autonomous, compact and robust

Their battery powered operation provides up to 14 years of autonomy.

These tags are also perfectly adapted to extreme environments.

Easy and simple installation

Extremely easy to install thanks to the various means of fixation (high performance double-sided sticker or support that can be screwed or nailed on), these tags can be fixed on any type of surface and do not require any wiring.

Geolocation without GPS

This solution is based on the Wirepas Mesh positioning technology, which does not require any wiring and does not require GPS. It is therefore very easy to deploy on all types of sites, even underground.

Tracking in real-time

The indoor location technology used offers an accuracy of up to 5m depending on the requirements. The location tags used include a 3-axis accelerometer, allowing them to refresh the positioning data more quickly when the operator is in motion.

Which ELA Innovation location tags to use?

If you are an IoT solution provider and you want to integrate geolocation of lone workers into your offer, here are the products

ELA Innovation that we recommend:

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