Wireless access control for people

Integrate ELA Innovation beacons into your people access control solutions.

Wireless access control for people, what is it?

People access control allows you to manage and secure access to buildings and sites by detecting employee badges in real time and without contact. A wireless access control system ensures that only authorized persons can enter secure areas.

Thanks to the use of 100% autonomous ELA Innovation badges, access control is convenient and easy to use for people. The active RFID communication technology used does not require any contact between the badge and the reader. The reader’s detection distance can be set, allowing doors to be opened when an authorized person enters the detection zone, thus making movement more fluid.

people entering office via control access

How does wireless access control for people actually work?

wireless employee access control

The wireless access control of people is based on the Active DOT RFID technology. The network infrastructure is simple to install and consists of reading equipment and Active RFID identification tags. Each person present on the site (staff, visitors, patients, etc.) is equipped with a 100% anonymous and autonomous identification badge.

When a person approaches a door, the badge is detected by the reader. If the person is authorized to enter or leave the area, the door will open automatically. If the person does not have authorization, the door will remain closed. And if the door was left open by mistake, an audible and visual alert is triggered when the unauthorized person passes through.

This identification technology combines two frequency bands:

– A low frequency (124KHz) allowing a detection at a precise and configurable distance;
– A high frequency (433MHz) allowing the transmission of secure identification data to the reading equipment.

“It is a security and it reassures the families and the agents”

Nurse Head of Department
Vaucluse Hospital Center

Why integrate active RFID tags into your people access control solution?

The Active RFID tags from ELA Innovation are ideal to meet the need for identification of people and are therefore perfectly integrated into wireless access control solutions:

100% autonomous

Their battery powered operation offers up to 14 years of autonomy guaranteeing a competitive total cost of acquisition.

Adjustable detection distance

The detection distance is adjustable from 1 to 25m to ensure high detection accuracy.


The beacons are compatible with standard access controllers on the market.

Industrial boxes

The different formats available and the robustness of these beacons make them adaptable to any type of environment. They can be used on a construction site, in offices or in hospitals.

Which ELA Innovation Active RFID tag to use?

If you are security solution provider and want to integrate people access control into your offer, here are the products

ELA Innovation that we recommend:

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