Indoor tracking Starter Kit – Medium

Wirepas indoor localization test kit
This indoor location starter kit enables you to consult the position of people and equipment 100% autonomously, in real time.

Based on Mesh technology developed by WIREPAS, this indoor location solution relies on a battery-powered infrastructure requiring no connection, comprising a set of fixed and mobile Blue PUCK ID+ Mesh beacons. Anchors are fixed at regular intervals throughout the building, and mobile beacons are either worn by people as badges, or attached to the equipment to be located. This bidirectional network can also emit light signals.

Please note that this kit is aimed at a well-informed public with a good knowledge of industrial connected object integration. If you’d like a turnkey solution that’s easy to deploy, please order the STARTER KIT Premium (on request).

Included in this kit :

> 25 Blue PUCK ID+ MESH (15 anchors + 10 mobile tags)
> 1 SolidSens Gateway
> 1 NFC reader
> 1 Ethernet cable
> 3 months’ access to Wirepas’ WNT and WPE tools



Easy to install


Battery-powered infrastructure



3 VDC – Internal lithium battery
Life expectancy: up to 20 years
Smart Battery Management
2.4 GHz – Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0/4.2
Transmitter power: up to +4 dBm (configurable)
Setting via NFC
Over-the-air update
Compatibility: Wirepas
Tracking tag
Location accuracy: up to 5 meters
LED: yes
3-Axis accelerometer
Case : Robust DERLIN (POM C) – Food quality
base Ø 57mm
Weight : 41g
Operating temperature : -40°C to +85°C
Protection class : IP68

Customize your beacon and sensor firmware (BLE only).

>> Find out more about Bluetooth Advanced Features

Customize the label of your beacon and sensor park.
Create your own white marking label.

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Bluetooth Advanced Features

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Indoor tracking Starter Kit – Medium

Wirepas indoor localization test kit
Indoor location starter kit - Medium

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