Truck door opening detection

Integrate ELA Innovation wireless magnetic sensors into your connected transport solutions to detect the opening of truck doors.

Detection of truck door opening, what is it?

In the field of freight transport, security is a major issue for both carriers and their customers.

Every year, approximately 8.2 billion euros worth of goods are stolen in Europe. In order to increase the security of these goods, carriers are increasingly equipping themselves with connected telematics solutions.

To meet this challenge and to offer a complete solution, we advise you to integrate the detection of truck door opening into your IoT solution. Using ELA Innovation’s wireless magnetic sensors, you can simply detect when a truck door is open and alert the driver in real time through your business application.

Magnetic detection of opening and closing of truck doors

How does truck door detection actually work?

To implement a solution for detecting the opening of truck doors, you must equip yourself with magnetic sensors and industrial magnets. The sensor is fixed on the inside door of the trailer and the magnet will be fixed on the door post in the immediate vicinity of the sensor. When the truck doors are opened, the magnetic sensor and the magnet are separated. The information about the change of state of the sensor is transmitted via Bluetooth to the IoT platform by the on-board telematics box in the truck’s cab. This box acts as a gateway and will send the information via the cellular network (3G/4G) to the business application. If the truck doors are opened in an “unauthorized” area, an alert is sent in real time to the driver on his smartphone.

“The simple setup allowed us to quickly secure all the vehicles involved”

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Why integrate magnetic sensors into your telematics solution?

The industrial magnetic sensors from ELA Innovation are ideal for detecting the opening of truck doors:

100% autonomous

Their battery powered operation provides up to 14 years of autonomy, ensuring a competitive total cost of acquisition.

Quick and easy to install

Easy to install thanks to the different fixing methods (high performance double-sided sticker or screwable support), these sensors can be fixed on any type of surface and do not require any wiring.

Compatible with telematics boxes

Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, these sensors are compatible with the majority of on-board telematics boxes on the market, requiring no additional integration.

Industrial boxes

Robust and waterproof, these sensors are designed to be used in extreme conditions. They are therefore waterproof and resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Which magnetic sensors should be used to secure goods?

If you are an IoT solution provider and you want to integrate truck door detection into your offer, here are the ELA Innovation products that we recommend:

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