counting people in tunnels

Counting people in tunnels

The ELOC MOBILITY 4.0 solution makes it possible to identify, count and locate workers in different areas of tunnels during construction in real time. This solution is based on MESH technology, developed in partnership with Wirepas.

This localization solution is based on a mesh network of fixed and mobile beacons. The first, called anchors, are installed at regular intervals (25 meters) throughout the site, while the second are distributed to workers. The data transmitted by the beacons are transformed into GPS coordinates to allow real-time visualization of the exact position of each worker on a business web application.

A little extra: this solution allows you to remotely trigger an audible (BUZZER) and / or visual (LED) alarm to warn workers of a possible evacuation.


Success story - Counting people in tunnels

The battery infrastructure, facilitates the deployment of the solution and ensures an extremely competitive total acquisition cost.

  • Web application available 24/7
  • Easy installation
  • Low set-up costs
  • Interface possible with underground access control
  • 100% autonomous beacons
  • Very long battery lifecycle
  • High accuracy between 5m and 10m without GPS

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Our automatic counting system is being used today to prevent occupational risks at several underground construction sites, including tunnels and subway projects by major public works companies.

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