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Counting people in tunnels

ELOC MOBILITY software by ELA Innovation identifies and counts workers, in real-time, operating at various locations inside tunnels during construction. This solution is based on our long-range active RFID technology.

Each worker’s hard-hat is equipped with an RFID tag. When he or she goes underground or enters a section of tunnel, RFID counting terminals determine the direction of passage wirelessly and in real-time, without any manual action required.

Our technology reads badges worn by pedestrians and passengers in utility vehicles over long distances without disrupting traffic flow.

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A long-range RFID tag fixed to people's helmets can be used to detect wirelessly, in real-time, the passage and direction of their movement as they go past the reader terminal, without any action required. This solution is used to protect people and help ensure their safety and security.

  • Web application available 24/7
  • Multi-zone counting application
  • Easy installation
  • Long-range badge reading for pedestrians and people in vehicles
  • Count may be displayed on external lighted panel
  • Interface possible with underground access control

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Software that tracks site entries and exits ELOC MOBILITY

Our automatic counting system is being used today to prevent occupational risks at several underground construction sites, including tunnels and subway projects by major public works companies.

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