PUCK MAG - product


The PUCK MAG is an ultra-robust and wireless RFID sensor for magnetic detection. It adapts to all environments and detects opening and closing magnetic contact within a radius of 150 meters, with battery life reaching up to 10 years.

rfid application case

The ultra-robust wireless sensor PUCK MAG is the RFID solution for detecting opening and closing magnetic contact.

technical features

PUCK MAG - Technical features
  • High receiving range: 150 meters (open field)
  • Lifecycle: up to 10 years
  • IP68 Waterproof - White DELRIN Casing
  • Internal Magnetic Sensor
  • To be used with its actuator MAGNET02
  • 3,5 cm switching detection
  • User-definable Tag’s Identifier (RW)
  • Specific ID code's for Low Level of Battery
  • High range: up to 150 meters (open field)
  • Ø57mm - H: 18mm - W: 36g)
  • RoHS Compliant


documentation & configuration software

Downoald here our documentation and configuration software related to the wireless RFID sensor.

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