Automatically identifying assets

Our partners specializing in geolocation and on-board telematics solutions have integrated ELA Innovation active RFID technology to identify equipment and people in vehicles in real-time.

When used for tracking people, our active tags can be worn around the neck, in a badge-holder, or attached to personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard-hats.

For tracking equipment, the small size and robustness offered by our tags makes it possible to fix them onto items that may be exposed to extreme conditions, such as trailers, containers, dumpsters, and construction equipment.

Offering very long battery life, a small footprint, and long transmission range, our active RFID tags offer a real benefit for in-vehicle telematics solution providers to enhance their key features, such as identifying trailers, containers, and truck beds; automatically taking inventory of assets loaded in trailers (construction equipment, expensive items...); and identifying drivers and passengers.

This system enables real-time identification of people in vehicles, as well as assets and equipment.

  • Easy installation - far less down-time for vehicles
  • Very long active tag battery life - fully optimizes overall solution costs
  • Automated identification and inventory
  • Very small and robust sensors for tracking items used under harsh conditions

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