Monitoring temperature in refrigerated trucks

Our partners specializing in geolocation and on-board telematics solutions have integrated ELA Innovation active RFID technology to ensure cold-chain traceability in their clients’ refrigerated trucks.

Linked with their geolocation units, our active RFID reader collects temperature and humidity data in real-time from our wireless RFID sensors placed inside refrigerated trailers, in various compartments, and even in isothermal containers.

The small size of our sensors, along with their fast installation, ease-of-use, and very long battery life, bring real value added and a high level of flexibility for deploying automated cold-chain management solutions.

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This system tracks merchandise during transport phases and provides complete temperature traceability with geolocation.

  • Easy installation - much less down-time for vehicles
  • Very long temperature and humidity sensor battery life - fully optimizes overall solution costs
  • Real-time tracking of readings
  • Continues recording readings even if the connection between the reader and sensor is lost
  • Small sensor size enables temperature-sensitive products to be tracked directly

See RFID products implemented in this application


Active RFID sensor COIN T


Active RFID sensor COIN RH


Antenne flaty


Active RFID sensor Puck RHt


Antenne PUCKy MG/SL

Naocom successfully integrated ELA Innovation sensors in a cold-chain application to track temperature
and geolocate vehicles.

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