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PUCK RHT is a wireless sensor for measuring temperature and humidity at regular intervals. Its long-range active RFID connectivity and long battery life enable you to cover large areas easily.

rfid application case

PUCK RHT reads both temperature and humidity, enabling you to continuously monitor ambient storage conditions for equipment, product, and packaging to manage thermal and moisture conditions and send alerts in case programmed target values are exceeded.

technical features


  • High transmission range: 100 meters (open field)
  • Lifecycle: up to 10 years
  • Robust industrial casing - IP65 waterproof
  • User-definable Tag’s Identifier (RW)


documentation & configuration software

Downoald here our documentation and configuration software related to the wireless RFID sensor.

E Business Venture integrated PUCK RHT to develop an application for tracking temperature and relative humidity, and issuing alerts, at storage sites used by the French army.

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