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Monitoring industrial equipment temperature

Using the ELA Innovation wireless temperature sensor, ITEMS TD, industrial companies can monitor the temperature of their production equipment in real-time, while benefiting from flexible installation possibilities thanks to long-range wireless data transmission and 10-year battery life. ITEMS TD also features an external temperature probe that handles a wide temperature range, allowing you to take measurements in close proximity to the hot-point of the equipment you need to monitor.

This active RFID system monitors your industrial equipment temperature easily, automatically, and autonomously.

  • Real-time wireless monitoring of several temperature probes
  • Wide temperature range with external probe: -40°C to +125°C
  • Very low temperature measurement inertia
  • Very long battery life 10 years
  • Very long wireless range: over 100 meters

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ArcelorMittal uses ITEMS TD temperature sensors by ELA Innovation at several of its sites in France to track temperature on its operating rolling mill cylinders in real-time. This continuous monitoring enables ArcelorMittal to detect any risk of exceeding temperature limits which could lead to equipment breakdown or even explosion of their rolling mills due to overheating.

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