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Monitoring temperature and humidity in buildings

ELA Innovation sensors for measuring ambient temperature and relative humidity are small and robust, making them easy to deploy in any environment. Their long range (> 100 m) and long battery life (10 years) enable you track more data points at different levels in order to obtain accurate mapping. Warnings regarding settings, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation can also be managed effectively while saving energy and protecting goods inside the building.

Track temperature and humidity in storage areas and receive alerts in real-time.

  • Easy wireless sensor installation
  • Long range and battery life
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Sensors and readers may be moved easily

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temperature sensor PUCK T


Active RFID sensor puck rht



Using our products, E Business Venture developped an application for tracking temperature and relative humidity, and issuing alerts, at storage sites used by the French army.

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